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here's a gimme for anyone that knows jQuery:

I have a navigation <ul class="nav"> I want to change around. I'm basically looking for the a:hover effect, just faded in (I'm using sprites, and going from one sprite area to the next).

The code I have in my header looks like this:

  $(".nav li").mouseover(function(){

In my understanding of jQuery, this says "Once the document it ready, listen for a mouseover event on all .nav li elements. When you hear that, add a class "hovered" to it. So that's what I want to have happen, but right now -nothing- is happening.

Eventually I'll add in the animation and mouseOut, but I'd like to be able to get this part working as I want it. Thanks!

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You have to give .addClass an element to work with.

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So does $(this) become whatever was moused over? Does $(this) get set to whatever triggered the event on the "outside" of a function? (this works, thanks) – Alex Mcp Feb 11 '10 at 22:05
Yes, $(this) is a reference to the object that the mouseover event is coming from, in this case, the <li> tag. Remember you have to use it in the format of a jquery selector - you can't just do this.addClass - has to be $(this).addClass – Erik Feb 11 '10 at 22:06

You're looking for the hover (, and you need to target your LI with $(this):

  $(".nav li").hover(function(){
  }, function(){
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Just a tip, when you do eventually do something for mouseout, you can improve readability with

$(".nav li").hover(function() {
  // over
}, function() {
  // and out

... or as how I like to do it, use the jQuery plugin hoverIntent.

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To clarify, the second function() is the handler/callback for the hover, that fires when hover() is done (is mouse has left)? – Alex Mcp Feb 11 '10 at 22:13

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