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I'm completely new to SugarCRM so bear with me.

An account can have many contacts. Each contact has a many-to-many relationship with a custom module named "Services". This works ok.

When vieweng an account, you also see associated contacts. My client would like to display the services associated with each contact in a new column. As "fields" and "relationships" are separated in Sugar this is not possible through Studio (although I might be wrong about that). I've tried to illustrate my goal here:

enter image description here

Is this even possible? I am fairly competent with PHP so editing a template is no problem - but which template?

Any help on this is deeply appreciated!

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If a single Contact can have multiple Services records, then it doesn't make sense to pull in a Services record with this subpanel list view. However, if you were to have logic that would concatenate the names of multiple services to a varchar or text/blob field, you could pull this in easily using Studio. You'll need a code-level logic hook to write generate accurate data for that field. –  Matthew Poer Mar 18 at 20:10

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