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I'm implementing the Twitter oauth with Java in a website and I have a problem with the Login popup.

I open the authorization URL in a Popup window and when the user finish with the login proccess, Twitter redirects to the Callback URL in the Popup. I need to know, if it is possible to close the Popup and redirects to the callback URL in the parent page.

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Finally I found a solution. I posted in Twitter developer forums as well. This is what I did:

I set a timer with a function that is running every second. In that function I check the popup URL, while I'm out of my domain i can't but when the callBack URL is launched, the window come back to my domain I read de URL and if i can find the oauth_verifier as a field in the URL i close the popup and read the URL to recover the verifier.

 var timer = setInterval(checkWindow, 1000); 

function checkWindow() {

 try {
     var ur = myWindow.location.href; 

     if (ur.indexOf('oauth_verifier') != -1){

         var verifier = "";

         var token = "";



         ur = ur.substring(ur.indexOf('?')+1);

         var urPartes = ur.split('&');

         for (i = 0; i < urPartes.length; i++){

            if (urPartes[i].indexOf('oauth_verifier') != -1){
               verifier = urPartes[i].split('=')[1];

            if (urPartes[i].indexOf('oauth_token') != -1){
                   token = urPartes[i].split('=')[1];

         f.oauth_verifier.value = verifier;

         f.oauth_token.value = token;



 } catch (e){

 } //end catch     }//end function

the try/catch block it is to avoid JS errors for "myWindow.location.href" while I'm trying to access the URL while the popup it is out of my domain. I know it is not a very good way to do it but i couldn't find anything useful.

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what's f ? what's mywindow ? What the hell ? –  Sekai Nov 27 at 23:08
Sorry, I forgot to put some lines that were before in the code.<br/> f is a var refering to a form and myWindow refers to the previous open window. var f = document.forms["MainForm"]; var url = "https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=Sy4DmchND5swTaXTQHlz3cXKoUs‌​d6gGb"; var myWindow = window.open(url,"","resizable=yes,width=600,height=400,toolbar=no,titlebar=no,me‌​nubar=no,scrollbars=yes"); –  arkhadi Dec 1 at 16:02

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