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I am creating a WPF application that can read and write IPTC and XMP image metadata. I am having problem reading and writing the IPTC Writer/Editor property. The XMP counterpart of it works fine. I have tried the following options but no luck.

metaData.SetQuery("/app13/irb/8bimiptc/iptc/Writer/Editor", value)

metaData.SetQuery("/app13/irb/8bimiptc/iptc/Writer-Editor", value)

metaData.SetQuery("/app13/irb/8bimiptc/iptc/Writer Editor", value)

metaData.SetQuery("/app13/irb/8bimiptc/iptc/Caption/Description Writer", value)

Would greatly appreciate any pointers/help to access the Writer/Editor tag.


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I found the answer from the following link.

It had to metaData.SetQuery("/app13/irb/8bimiptc/iptc/Writer\/Editor", value)

Anyways Thanks to all..

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