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I am trying to log some messages to an rsyslog server. Since I want the logs to be stored as a file I have setup a log file message.log against facility 20.

When I run this, I expect all logs to show up in message.log. But I dont see it. Any idea why?

    var express = require('express');

    var winston = require('winston');

    winston.add(winston.transports.Rsyslog, {level:"silly", protocol:'T', host:"xxxxxxxx", port:514, facility: 20});

    var app = express(express.logger());

    app.get('/rsyslog', function (req, res, next) {

         winston.info('Say hello');
         winston.info('notice: %d', Date.now());
         winston.info('hostname is: ' + require('os').hostname()); 

         res.end('all messages logged to rsyslog successfully');


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