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I am new to R. I am using the stlf() function in the forecast package to forecast trends in air passengers using the following code:

fit <- stlf(AirPassengers, lambda=BoxCox.lambda(AirPassengers))

My questions:

  1. Does the point forecast given by this method correspond to the input data or is it a future forecast?
  2. How can I specify the number of forecast periods?
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Why don't you try reading the help file, or the associated book at otexts.org/fpp/6/6 –  Rob Hyndman Mar 18 at 6:50
I tried..But still have confusion. I wan to know is stlf() gives me forecast corresponding to the input observations? –  Nevedita Mar 18 at 7:18
1. Look at fit and AirPassengers. 2. Look at ?stlf and search for an argument that looks like "number of periods for forecasting". It may help that the forecast horizon is often abbreviated h. –  Stephan Kolassa Mar 18 at 12:02

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