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I am using the jQuery slideToggle() function to show and hide a span. Here is my code:

  .click(function(event) {

<span class="slideText" style="display:none">
<a href="" class="slideButton">more...</a>

It works the way I would expect on opening, but when closing, the span slides closed, then quickly flashes all the text in the span, and finally disappears. Almost like it has a hiccup.

I have this issue in IE 8, but not Firefox.

Anyone know to resolve this? Thanks.

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OK, it appears to have something to do with the CSS line-height that is defined in the body tag. When I clear the line-height property it appears to fix the issue.

However, since I was running into so much trouble with this, I took another approach and I am now using the jQuery Expander Plugin.

Update 08/06/10: I dropped the JQuery Expander Plugin. I was using it to collapse/expand text in a large table. If the table exceeded so many rows, the performance degraded to an unacceptable level. That's not to say that this isn't a good plugin, but it wasn't good for my needs.

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