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I am using an application that allows CG Shaders to be used. It allows for a Vertex or Fragment file to be attached to a material.

sample code in the help looks like this for a vertex file:

uniform float4x4 viewProjection;
uniform float4x4 world;
uniform float3x3 worldIT;

struct VIn
float4 Position  : POSITION;
float3 Normal    : NORMAL;
float2 UV        : TEXCOORD0;
float3 Tangent   : TEXCOORD6; // we must use TEXCOORD6 for the tangent
float3 Bitangent : TEXCOORD7; // we must use TEXCOORD7 for the bitangent

struct VOut
float4 csPosition  : POSITION;
float4 wsPosition  : TEXCOORD0;
float3 wsNormal    : TEXCOORD1;
float2 UV          : TEXCOORD2;
float3 wsTangent   : TEXCOORD3;
float3 wsBitangent : TEXCOORD4;

 VOut main(VIn IN)

OUT.wsPosition = mul(world, IN.Position);
OUT.wsNormal = normalize(mul(worldIT, IN.Normal));

// Transform and normalize the tangent and bitangent vectors into
// world space.
OUT.wsTangent = normalize(mul(worldIT, IN.Tangent));
OUT.wsBitangent = normalize(mul(worldIT, IN.Bitangent));

OUT.csPosition = mul(viewProjection, OUT.wsPosition);

return OUT;


I have found shader examples online such as Shadertoy, Nvidia, GLSL etc

How can i turn these to work with a cgmaterial vertex or fragment file to use on models?

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