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I'm working on a application where I load a XAML page inside a usercontrol, depending on which menu item was clicked.

After figuring out how to load in XAML page in a XAML page (using usercontrol), I'm running into the next problem: Navigation.

I added a picture to illustrate what I'm working on. blueprint

When you launch the app, you see the left state (state open), where the menu is presented and a little bit of the content on the right. If you click the red button, the page scrolls to a "full screen" of the right state (state closed). This is still the same page, the MainPage.xaml, but with a new page loaded in the usercontrol. Let's say the loaded page is news, where you can select an article by clicking.

This all works great.

The problem is, when I try to use the navigationservice to see a detail of the news, the app fails. (it does work when I set the news page as start page, but it won't work inside the usercontrol).

I tried fixing this by the following code:

NewsDetail detailpage = new NewsDetail();
this.Content = detailpage;

Actually, this works.. but then I can no longer pass a querystring to load a certain article on the page.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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You can use a static variable in App.xaml.cs when querystrings become useless.

just declare a static variable of type say string in app.xaml.cs

public static string MyString;

just assign it a value before navigation


And get this value where ever you want to get it.

string ss=App.MyString;
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That worked great, indeed, thanks! –  TomCB Mar 18 '14 at 14:52
But.. also introduces the next problem :) I can't use the back button, but I'm not able to override the back button to handle behavior either. I still have the feeling my workflow is incorrect. Any suggestions? –  TomCB Mar 18 '14 at 15:12
setting a static variable stopped back button to work? Could you share me with what you are doing there? –  A.K. Mar 19 '14 at 6:01
My entire app works on one page, other pages are loaded in the usercontrol. I guess I can't override the back button because of this certification: ( Pressing the Back button from the first screen of an app must close the app. I'll try making some landingpage, showing that for a short period of time. That was my app no longer sits in the first page, and maybe it makes overriding the back button possible? –  TomCB Mar 19 '14 at 9:02
Yes, A single paged app wont allow you to override its back button, allowed overrides could be a message asking you to confirm exit. But, if back button protects app from getting exited then it is not allowed. –  A.K. Mar 19 '14 at 9:30

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