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I need to create an array in one of my index.scala.html. Later I want to use that array to store some values.

I want to achieve following index.scala.html

@import scala._

@myArray = @{ArrayList()};

and I am getting an error saying

not found value @myArray

If above problem is resolved I want to reuser @myArray to add String values. How I can do that ?


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You can declare and use a new variable like this:

@import java.util._

@defining(new ArrayList[String]()) { myArray =>

    @for(s <- myArray) {

But I definitely don't recommend it because it makes your template code a mess. Do it in a controller.

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100% agree about controller, also you can add a method in your model like in computer-database Java sample –  biesior Mar 18 '14 at 19:16

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