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$events = array($events); //convert $events objects to array
asort($events); //sort array in ascending order
foreach($events as $event): //iterate array
    echo $event; //getting error here

tried this also,

 foreach($events as $key => $event): //iterate array
     echo "$key = $event\n"; //getting error here

I am trying to iterate the array in foreach loop but i am getting this error "ErrorException [ Recoverable Error ]: Object of class Database_MySQL_Result could not be converted to string"

Need help to solve this.

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Try using var_dump($event) here –  Shawn Mar 18 '14 at 15:42
print_r($event); what do you get? –  Steve Mar 18 '14 at 15:43

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$events = array($events); This line does not convert objects to array, but it just inserts object into array;

So $events[0] equals old $events;

I don't know how you pull your data from DB, but as long as it's Kohana, maybe this would work:

$events = $events->as_array();

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try casting events as an array, instead of inserting it into array like:

$events = (array)$events;

this will result in all public properties on the $events object being set as an assoc array.

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