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Code is below. I'm looping through an input image 1 pixel at a time and determining its RGB value. Afterwards i'm trying to find the average RGB value for the image overall. For some reason the averaging portion of my code isnt working though.

im = imread(filename);
[width, height, depth] = size(im);
count = 0;
for x = 1 : width
    for y = 1: height
        r = r + im(x,y,1);
        g = g + im(x,y,2);
        b = b + im(x,y,3);     
        count = count + 1;

%find averages of each RGB value.
r2 = r/count;
g2 = g/count;
b2 = b/count;
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what are the data types of r, g and b? is it possible you are using uint8 type variables to accumulate the intensities? –  Shai Mar 18 '14 at 16:21

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Why not vectorizing and using mean?

mean( reshape( im, [], 3 ), 1 )
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The following code would work as well;

pep = imread('peppers.png');

This will return a 1x1x3 vector which will be the mean values of R, G, and B respectively.

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