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I am trying to use Netcat for sending an e-mail. With a smtp server it just goes fine, but with another it gives a "554 SMTP synchronization error". The reason is the smtp server should send proper RFC0854 codes before to receive answer from netcat. I need then to ask netcat to wait the server answer for every step, but I did not figure out how. I tried with the -i option, but it does not work.

That is my command:

nc 25 < myfile

(I saved on the file all the code I need to send throguh smtp)

I also tried with an expect script (either using spawn telnet or spawn nc) , but the problem is that, for an unknown reason, if my code is too long (more than 200k), the telnet/netcat session breakdown while sending data (with no error code).

This problem is solved if use
nc 25 < myfile (but as I said before it gives 554 error with a specific server)

Do you have any clue? Thanks in advance

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