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I'm using predis to interact with two Redis instances (master and slave servers). Master is mainly for write only and slave is used for read only.

I'm having to switch connections using select function of Redis which is fine but I'm concerned about its performance. Would I be better off to create a singleton class and use it for instantiating $this->redis and also for select how would I maintain persistence?

Below is bits of my code so far. I was wondering if this could be done to increase performance?

$redis = $this->redis;

$tipperKey = str_pad($tipperId, 10, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);
if ($this->debug) {
  $this->logger->addDebug('tipperKey=' . $tipperKey);
  $this->logger->addDebug("Adding groupId:$groupId to \"groups:$tipperKey\" in db:0");

// add groupId to tipper groups set
try {
  $redis->sadd('groups:' . $tipperKey, $groupId);
} catch (Exception $e) {
  $this->logger->addError("Error adding groupId:$groupId to \"groups:$tipperKey\" in db:0 : " . $e->getMessage());
  return false;

$result = $this->getRoundsPlayed($competitionId); // cached (600)
if (!$result) {
  return false;

$tk = 'tipper:' . $tipperKey;
try {
  foreach ($result as $row) {
    $i = (int)$row['round_number'];
    if ($this->debug) {
      $this->logger->addDebug('select db:' . $i);

    $sportId = (int)$row['sport_id'];

BTW, this is for Gearman Job

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There is something I don't understand. You say you are using select to switch between the connections. But Redis select command switches the current database in a Redis instance, it has nothing to do with the connection. Did I miss anything? –  Pascal Le Merrer Mar 18 at 20:06
In a way is there a way to increase performance of this part and maintain persistent connection? –  Passionate Developer Mar 18 at 21:44
The code you posted above is incomplete (the end of the foreach loop is missing). It does not help to understand what you want to do... –  Pascal Le Merrer Mar 18 at 21:49

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