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I have 2 lists that contain upper and lower limits for each column of a Pandas Dataframe What is the best way to extract from the dataFrame data within the upper and lower bounds?

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One way would be to use indexing to filter out the values you don't want.

df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.random(10), columns=['a'])
df = df.ix[(df.a > lower) & (df.a < upper)]

You could iterate over each column/bounds-list and apply the same filter.

columns = df.columns
for i, bounds in enumerate(zip(upper_bounds, lower_bounds)):
    upper, lower = bounds
    column = columns[i]
    df = df.ix[(df[column] > lower) & (df[column] < upper)]
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 df[(df.column>=min_val) & (df.column<=max_val)]

parentheses and logical & are important.

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You shouldn't use min and max as variable names, you overwrite the builtin python functions. –  Andy Hayden Mar 18 '14 at 20:18

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