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I read my csv using the line below

data = FCSV.table("test.csv", {:quote_char => '"', :col_sep =>',', :row_sep =>:auto, :headers => true, :return_headers => false, :header_converters => :downcase, :converters => :all} )


Can I save object data in the same manner (one line, one go + csv options)? see above

I sort the table (see the code below) and then I want so save it again. I couldn't work out how to save the table in one go. I know how to do it row by row though.

array_of_arrays = data.to_a()
headers = array_of_arrays.shift # remove the headers
array_of_arrays.sort_by {|e| [e[3], e[4].to_s, e[1]]} .each {|line| p line }

Anything I tried did not work and gave me something very similar to

csv.rb:33: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting ')'
... FCSV.table("sorted.csv","w" {:quote_char => '"', :col_sep =...


Please note that I want to use all the CSV options when saving the file {:quote_char => '"', :col_sep =>',', :row_sep =>:auto, :headers => true, :return_headers => false, :header_converters => :downcase, :converters => :all}

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Since you've got an array of arrays in data, it looks like you can just do:


to get all the csv for data as a string, then output that back to the file.

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@dunedain289: and the bit back to the file is something I am asking about – Radek Feb 12 '10 at 0:00

Just following up on what dunedain said, the following will write the file out

@csv = FCSV::Table.new(data).to_csv
File.open("modified_csv.csv", 'w') {|f| f.write(@csv) }

also the error you had in the code below is because you didnt have a comma after the "w" and before the { but it looks like you were perhaps tring to the reader functions instead of the writer functions

csv.rb:33: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting ')'
... FCSV.table("sorted.csv","w" {:quote_char => '"', :col_sep =...
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@Adam: thank for the comma thing.FCSV.table takes only two arguments not three so I won't work anyway. Please note that I want to save csv file and use csv options at the same time. – Radek Feb 12 '10 at 2:36
no probs, can you post some more code around the FCSV.table("sorted.csv" .... not just the errors? – ADAM Feb 12 '10 at 5:57
I added the source code... – Radek Feb 12 '10 at 21:16

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