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I got a problem rendering a form which eventually uploads a file. Rendering the form is failing with an TypeError exception. The file field in the model mounted to Carrierwave.

The resource in question is nested.

resources :network_analyses do
  resources :network_analysis_uploads, path: "uploads", as: "uploads"

Is there anybody out there who can help me to shed some light on the issue?

I am using Rails 3.2.16, Simple Form is at 2.1.1 and Carrierwave at 0.10.0.

Many thanks for any comment or attempt to explain - Eugen

Related information

Error Message

TypeError in Network_analysis_uploads#new 

no implicit conversion of nil into String
11:   <div class="form-inputs">
13:     <%= f.input :file, as: :file %>
15:   </div>


                            POST   /network_analyses/:network_analysis_id/uploads(.:format)                      network_analysis_uploads#create
new_network_analysis_upload GET    /network_analyses/:network_analysis_id/uploads/new(.:format)                  network_analysis_uploads#new


def new

  @network_analysis = NetworkAnalysis.find(params[:network_analysis_id])

  @network_analysis_upload = NetworkAnalysisUpload.new(
        network_analysis_id: @network_analysis.id

  respond_to do |format|
    format.html # new.html.erb

View (_form.html.rb)

(failure is on f.input :file )

<%= simple_form_for( :network_analysis_upload,
       url: network_analysis_uploads_path(@network_analysis, @network_analysis_upload),
       html: {multipart: true} ) do |f| %>

 <%= f.error_notification %>

 <div class="form-inputs">

   <%= f.input :file, as: :file %>


 <div class="form-actions">
   <%= f.button :submit, "Upload" %>

<% end %>

A different attempt earlier on raised the same error message atleady on f.error_notification

<%= simple_form_for( @network_analysis, @network_analysis_upload,
       url: network_analysis_uploads_path,
       html: {multipart: true} ) do |f| %>

 <%= f.error_notification %>

The Model

class NetworkAnalysisUpload < ActiveRecord::Base

  attr_accessible :file, :network_analysis_id

  belongs_to :network_analysis

  mount_uploader :file, Uploader
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