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I hope you can help me with this problem, attached videos to explain in a simpler way.

First example

Panel (has a textured background) with labels (the labels have a png image without background) Events: MouseDown, MouseUp and MouseMove. As you will notice in the video to drag the label the background turns white panel and regains its background image when I stop dragging the label

Panel controls have a transparent background as property, but changing the background with any color, let the problem occurred related to the substance, I do not understand why this happens and how to fix less.

Second Example

Contains the above, with the only difference that the panel controls instead of having transparent background, I chose black color for that property

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You have to use double buffer and you don't have to stop using an image on the background, you can have everything running smoothly.

You have a couple of ways to do this, the fast way (not enough most of the time) is to enable doublebuffer of the panel.

The "slow" but better way is to do your own Double Buffer using a Bitmap object as a buffer. This example creates a "side buffer" and accepts an image as parameter and draws it using created buffer.

public void DrawSomething(Graphics graphics, Bitmap yourimage)
    Graphics g;
    Bitmap buffer = new Bitmap(yourimage.Width, yourimage.Height, graphics);
    g = Graphics.FromImage(buffer);
    g.SmoothingMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.HighQuality;

    g.DrawImage(yourimage, 0, 0);

    graphics.DrawImage(buffer, 0, 0);

Call this on your OnPaint event.

BTW... this is just a double buffer example.


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Change DoubleBuffered to true for both form and panel. I think that should solve your problem.

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