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I have a query that will update a row in the database, which works fine providing there is a row there to begin with.

How could I say; update if exists insert if doesn't?


    $who = $_SESSION['who'];
    $formText = $_POST['protext'];

$sql = "UPDATE tbl_profiles SET proText = :formText WHERE user_id = :who";

    $q   =  $conn->prepare($sql);

header("Location: ../settings/?status=Done");
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Assuming user_id is a unique key in the db:

$sql = "INSERT INTO tbl_profiles (user_id, proText) VALUES (:who, :formText) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE proText = :formText";
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Your SQL query should be:

INSERT INTO tbl_profiles (user_id,proText) VALUES (:who,:formText)

This is assuming that user_ID is a unique id

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1- simple way is use ORM such as Dotrine
2- How ORM handle this :
usually tables has primary key(id) that should not be null .if you have update then you had select that load this data . in you select load id field in you data structure (array or object or something else) . in save method only check current row you want save that it has id (if this record has id then it exist and need to update else you should save).

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