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Is there any way to achieve the same functionality in Python, i.e., launching a script from a browser and automatically updating it from a central server location?

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Run your app on Jython and use Java Web Start?

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This seems cynical at first but is actually a pretty good suggestion. – jathanism Feb 22 '10 at 21:52
@alex Can u give a pseudo code example for the same – user1312155 May 20 at 7:46

Well this is still not a full match of the features of JNLP but maybe esky is closer to what you want. It's not browser based but once your app is installed on the client it can update itself. It might also lack something in the cross-platform department so depending on your environment YMMV.

Another alternative might be the Dabo framework at It's been a few years since i looked at that but it still looks like it's alive :-)

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You may be able to achieve some functionality with Skulpt although it uses classless python, so its functionality is rather limited.

Well check out this python wiki page as it lays out various options.

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I find a lot of web stuff on those pages, but still the JNLP-like functionality seems to missing. Just having the ability to download up-to-date scripts from a central server (or not if the local scripts are updated just fine) is a godsend in a scenario with plenty of client computers running the same few scripts etc. I would have thought the Python community would have come up with a 'port' long time ago... – c00kiemonster Feb 16 '10 at 0:17

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