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In Visual Studio 2012, I have a solution with multiple projects in it.

Solution S
  - Project A (startup project) (references project B)
  - Project B

My main project (Project A) has a project reference to another of my projects (Project B).

My main project compiles to C:\MAIN_BIN and my other project compiles to HisProjectFolder/Bin.

Project A builds to: C:\MAIN_BIN
Project B builds to: C:\SolutionS\ProjectB\Bin

The reference to Project B on Project A is set as Copy Local = True. In the csproj file, the property <Private>True</Private> is set for the project reference to Project B.

When I Build my solution using Visual Studio 2012, ProjectB.dll is compiled to his bin folder, and then copied into C:\MAIN_BIN.

When I build using msbuild from the command line, ProjectB.dll is compiled to his bin folder, and never copied to C:\MAIN_BIN.

How can I make it so msbuild behaves the same way as Visual Studio 2012?

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Set the OutDir property explicitly:

msbuild s.sln /p:OutDir=C:\MAIN_BIN\ /t:Rebuild
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That did not fix the problem. – Didier A. Jun 18 '14 at 15:26

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