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I'm Trying to write function with using reverse function. I want to simply reverse list NOT like

reverse' :: [a] -> [a]  
reverse' [] = []  
reverse' (x:xs) = reverse' xs ++ [x] 

but like rev [a] = reverse[a]

When I use reverse function in haskell


When I'm trying to use:

Prelude>rev [1,2,3]

I got: * Exception: 2ost.hs:1:1-20: Non-exhaustive patterns in function rev

Please help , I'm assuming that It's some stupid mistake.

Ok I know : [a] was taken by haskell as 1 element list, solution is:

rev a = reverse a
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Use rev = reverse' –  Sibi Mar 18 '14 at 21:27

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It sounds like you just want a shorter alias for the reverse function. Any time you want an alias in Haskell, you can create it very easily - just do something like rev = reverse.

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