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Group to Category Conversion

var Auto = ['new_auto', 'add_auto'];
//more category objects 

var categories = [Auto, Fire, Health, Life, Bank];

function groupToCat(group) {

    for (x = 1; x < categories.length; x++) {
        for (i = 1; i < categories[x].length) {
            if (group == categories[x][i]) {
                return categories[x]

I'm trying to use a loop within a loop in combination with a multi-dimensional array to achieve a neat conversion function from a group (string new_auto) to a string equal to the name of the category containing it (array object Auto).

But as it is, I'm returning the category object, not its name. How can I do this?

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is this what you are after? stackoverflow.com/questions/1009911/… –  Kirby Mar 18 at 21:58
@Kirby ... That's almost funny. In a language where you can do 'just about' anything that you can imagine, you CAN'T convert an object to a string containing the name representing it. Well that's just my luck. –  user2700923 Mar 18 at 22:01
Rather than try to return the variable name (Auto) I'd suggest you make the category name a property of the object and return that. var Auto = { name: 'Auto', items: ['new_auto', 'add_auto'] }; then return categories[x].name. Also I think you need to start with 0, not 1, when looping over those arrays. –  palmsey Mar 18 at 22:01
@palmsey Ooh, perfect solution. And yep. Newbie mistake. –  user2700923 Mar 18 at 22:02
jsfiddle.net/eaeCF –  adeneo Mar 18 at 22:04

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Dynamic item "de-categorization" function

As suggested by Palmsey in the comments, this is the proper way of discovering an object's parent category through the combination of a loop-within-a-loop and a multidimensional array.

//Define Category Names and Children

var Auto = {
    name: 'Auto',
    items: ['new_auto', 'add_auto']

var Fire = {
    name: 'Fire',
    items: ['new_fire', 'add_fire']

var Health = {
    name: 'Health',
    items: ['health']

//Bring each category into a single array

var categories = [Auto, Fire, Health, Life, Bank];

//Because of the complimentary nature of loops and arrays, we can
//access each additional dimension of the array with an additional
//loop dimension.

function groupToCat(group) {

    for (x = 0; x < categories.length; x++) {
        for (i = 0; i < categories[x].items.length; i++) {
            if (group == categories[x].items[i]) {
                return (categories[x].name);

    return ("No match found!");

I chose this method above the alternatives because it's dynamic. Simply by continuing the pattern, we can convert the values of items to the groups that they belong to, and vice-versa, with any level of group complexity.

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