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I am implementing in nasm program that can detect prime number that is provided.

    xor rax,rax;
    mov eax, 6 ;
    mov ecx, 1      ; 
    cmp     ecx, 6      
    jbe     end_loop    ;  ecx >= bufor

    xor edx ,edx ; 
    mov eax, 6 
    div ecx         ;  div dla edi

    cmp edx, 0
    je not_prime

    inc     ecx             ; i++
    jmp     loop_for

This is simple algorithm that checks weather 6 is prime number but it fails. It check div reminder in edx register. It always exit on end_loop(but it should end in not_prime) directive so program said that 6 is a prime number but it isn't. Can someone advice me how I can fix it? I have no clue.

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Have you determined what is in edx when you expect it to be 0? –  Scott Hunter Mar 18 at 23:14
as far as I know edx = eax mod ecx ? –  Rafik991 Mar 18 at 23:24
We know it's divisible by 1. Start with 2. We can determine whether a value is divisible by 2 by doing test eax, 1... but... take small steps, start with 2. –  Frank Kotler Mar 19 at 1:25
Oh, and if edx is zero, it IS prime.. –  Frank Kotler Mar 19 at 1:29
xor rax,rax is pointless in this case. xor eax, eax will do the same thing and is 1 byte shorter. Remember that 32-bit instructions in 64-bit mode clear the upper 32 bits of the registers. Same with cmp edx, 0 - you can replace it with the shorter test edx, edx. –  Daniel Kamil Kozar Mar 19 at 9:27

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This code is incorrect:

  mov ecx, 1      ; 
  cmp     ecx, 6      
  jbe     end_loop    ;  ecx >= bufor

jbe means jump if below or equal. So what you're doing here is essentially:

ecx = 1;
do {
    if (ecx <= 6) goto end_loop;

Obviously 1 is <= 6, so it will always jump to end_loop on the first iteration of the loop.
That jump should probably be a jae instead.

Another problem is that you start with ecx = 1, since ecx appears to be your divisor. The first number you should try to divide by if you're checking for primality is 2, not 1.

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so there should be jae and ecx should start from 2, thanks for that! –  Rafik991 Mar 19 at 9:26

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