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I'm trying to find all strings of the format {{rdex|001|001|Bulbasaur|2|Grass|Poison}} in a large text file, and then extract the substrings corresponding to the first 001 and to Bulbasaur, perhaps as a tuple.

I'm assuming regex with capturing groups can be used for both; could anybody tell me the appropriate regex to use in Python 3.1 as well as a possible code outline? I'm a regex noob.


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import re
[('001', 'Bulbasaur')]
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that is some fly regex right there. might i ask, where did you learn it? was it from a book/internet tutorial/divine gift? many thanks! –  Humphrey Bogart Feb 12 '10 at 3:07
MSDN's regular expressions syntax page was my first impression on regex –  YOU Feb 12 '10 at 3:24
re.match('^{{[^|]+\|([^|]+)\|[^|]+\|([^|]+)\|[^|]+\|[^|]+\|[^|]+\}}$', S).groups()
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if s != -1 and e != -1:
    print sub[1],sub[3]


$ ./
001 Bulbasaur
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