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How would I match 2 rows data that share a common column from 2 separate tables in SQL?


Table 1:

Name, Height_year_1, Weight_year_1
John, 60, 120
Joe, 70, 145

Table 2:

Name, Height_year_2, Weight_year_2
John, 62, 125
Joe, 70, 150

And I want to find the average of John's year 1 and year 2 height and weights (same with Joe)

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Try this:

  (Height_year_1 + Height_year_2)/2 AS Average_weight, 
  (Weight_year_1 + Weight_year_2)/2 AS Average_height
FROM Table1
INNER JOIN Table2 ON Table1.Name = Table2.Name

Sample SQL Fiddle

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you can execute a command like this:

"Select avg(x.Height_year_1,x.Weight_year_1) 
 From (Select * from table1 t1, table2 t2 where
 t1.Name = t2.Name and
 Height_year_1 = Height_year_2 and 
 Weight_year_1 = Weight_year_2") x
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