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So I have Putty, Xming and Gedit installed on my Laptop (running Windows 8). I have accessed some files from my university by using putty so I can view the c files from Uni but how do I compile files I have saved in gedit/send the files to the university server or what not.

Basically I have a file/program/gedit thing saved to my laptop but how do I compile it if putty is connected to the university computers. Also I have gcc on my laptop I think. As you can probably guess I am doing a computing course as an elective.

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Have you tried using psftp which comes bundled usually with PuTTY? You can use that to transfer files to back to your university machine.

Alternatively you can use pscp which should also be bundled.

If you prefer GUI, try Swish which allows you to access your remote files via Windows Explorer.

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