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How I can execute a SQL query in CakePHP.

I want to make some like this code

    $employees = $this->Employee->find('all');

but introducing my own SQL statment.

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Insert into your Model a function that executes your SQL statment,

public function get_employees() {
     $sql = 'select * from employees';         
     $data = $this->query($sql);
     return $data;

And call this function like this way:

 $employee = new Employee();
 $data = $employee->get_employees();
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Its unnecessary. There is solution with one line below. stackoverflow.com/questions/22495160/cakephp-query-from-model/… –  sdagli Mar 19 '14 at 12:26

In model you can't write model name. Its already detected. Use only

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Assuming your statement is inside EmployeesController.php

$employeeRows = $this->employee->find('all', array('conditions'=>array('id' => 100)));

if you are in another controller, you have to load the model before the find


if you are in a view, you can write a helper and use raw sql

The cakephp website also offers the following controller logic

$this->Picture->query("SELECT * FROM pictures LIMIT 2;");
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