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I'm using JSDoc tutorials, as described in

I can't get the configuration options to work, and I haven't yet found any examples or discussion of the topic online.

In my trivial example, I pass a tutorials parameter to JSDoc, and it builds a tutorial file for I would like to give this tutorial a display name of "First Tutorial".

Following this from the online docs:

Each tutorial file can have additional .js/.json file (with same name, just different extension) which will hold additional tutorial configuration. Two fields are supported:

title overrides display name for tutorial with the one specified in it's value (default title for tutorial is it's filename).

children which holds list of sub-tutorials identifiers.

I tried several attempts at adding tutorial1.json, or tutorial1.js but either JSDoc pukes on the json file, or doesn't seem to recognize anything I throw at it in the js file.

Can anyone suggest a simple format for a tutorial configuration file that should work?

(Edited to include one .js file I tried, which did not change the tutorial display name.)

First Tutorial


 @title First Tutorial
@title = "First Tutorial";
title = "First Tutorial";
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Please "bore" us with at least one variation. – Louis Mar 19 '14 at 11:25
Added an example. – 2wav Mar 20 '14 at 15:06
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It works with .json extension but not with a .js extension. jsdoc does not seem to try to even read the file if a .js extension is used. So the doc seems incorrect.

With a .json extension, and using jsdoc 3.2.2, the following works:

    "title": "Custom Title"

Your .json file needs to be in the same directory as your .md file and have the same name (ignoring extensions).

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