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Hello guys I'm new to cakephp. I wanted to validate the file before uploading it, I'v seen some people asking about the same thing. But I don't want custom functions. Here's the example I DONT WANT validation on a input file in cakephp

and here's the code that I d prefer , but its not working


class Career extends AppModel 
    public $validate = array(
          'file' => array(
                'checktype' => array(
                    'rule' => array('extension',array('pdf','doc','docx')),
                    'message' => 'Please supply a valid file type (PDF OR WORD)',

                'checksize' =>array(
                        'rule' => array('fileSize', '<=', '1MB'),
                        'message' => 'File must be less than 1MB',


I also want to add that the file is not mandatory/must, but if you are going to upload it, it must be .pdf/.doc/.docx and less than 1MB.

Thank you all

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You probably can't do it without implementing custom functions unless you use a plugin built by someone else. If you want to implement it yourself and validate the file before uploading it you will need to use the built in php validation which you can read about here: File upload post method.

However I suggest using Miles Johnson's incredible Uploader plugin which you can find here: Uploader

With his library you can apply validation like so:

public $actsAs = array(
  'Uploader.FileValidation' => array(
       'image' => array(
           'maxWidth' => 100,
           'minHeight' => 100,
           'extension' => array('gif', 'jpg', 'png', 'jpeg'),
           'type' => 'image',
           'mimeType' => array('image/gif'),
           'filesize' => 5242880,
           'required' => true
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I would recommend you to use my FileStorage plugin. It's a complete solution to handling files in your app, completely customizable through event listeners or by extending its models.

However, you can also just use it's FileUploadValidation behavior.

For Image validation see this method. It makes use of the Image library which is used here to process images and wrapped in the Imagine plugin that is required if you want to process images (works on the fly, automatically if present).

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