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I created a Windows service and installed into users machine. That windows service is very important and I do not want to user can change its startup type to "disable". It seems "Plug and Play" service can disable the Startup drop-down listbox. How can I make same behavior for my windows service?

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I would imagine it has to do with setting the appropriate permissions on the registry key. But a user with sufficient permissions can do anything. If this is for a business application, I would try to stick to using group policy or user permissions. If this is for a commercial application then I would expect a lot of upset users and malware detection.

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>>But a user with sufficient permissions can do anything. Yes. If a user which has administrative permissions wants to change this through registry, I did not mind. I just want to it is not very easy to change it in the drop-down listbox. – Alex Yang Feb 12 '10 at 5:55

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