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I am trying to set gc_maxlifetime in PHP.

Here is the code in 'header.php', and I include it every page.

ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', 1);
ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 1);

I test it with

echo ini_get('session.gc_maxlifetime');

and it does set to 1.

But it still keep login status, that is, session has not been deleted.

What is the possible reason?

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I'd start by reading the fine manual - "specifies the number of seconds after which data will be seen as 'garbage' and potentially cleaned up" –  Phil Mar 19 at 4:41
What problem are you trying to solve by setting 'gc_maxlifetime'? –  Ryan Vincent Mar 19 at 4:51
@Phil I have read the manual and googling for hours, but I still can't solve the problem. –  andytt Mar 19 at 5:34
@RyanVincent My problem is that I login and wait after 10 seconds, I refresh the page, the session still there! I didn't logout as expected. –  andytt Mar 19 at 5:35
@RyanVincent I am trying to set 'gc_maxlifetime' to keep login status, but I have found out that Session did not clean after specific time (1s as example). –  andytt Mar 19 at 5:47

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Why doesn't Garbage Collection run?

GC does not always run on every request, default PHP settings is that it is 1% chance to run GC. session.gc_probability (default 1) / session.gc_divisor (default 100) = 0.01 (1% chance)

Relevant manual entry: http://php.net/manual/en/session.configuration.php#ini.session.gc-probability

My suggestion is to store last time a session was touched and check against that value on every page load and if enough time has passed, session_destroy and redirect user to login page.

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It DOES work!! Thanks!! –  andytt Mar 19 at 7:32
There is another problem, what if I want to set time to 1HR? The default gc_maxlifetime is 24 minute. Should I just ini_set gc_maxlifetime? –  andytt Mar 19 at 7:34
DO NOT ABUSE GC_MAXLIFETIME. Read my suggestion instead. –  hank Mar 19 at 8:11
If not set gc_maxlifetime, after 24 minute (default) the user's session would expire. Then where should I store the last time? –  andytt Mar 19 at 8:28

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