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Any free database available for silverlight that can be stored in isolated storage?

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I know we can use XML but that should be my last resort. –  funwithcoding Feb 12 '10 at 4:28

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There is this POC of SQLite in isolated storage, but I don't know the current status: http://www.itwriting.com/blog/1695-proof-of-concept-c-sqlite-running-in-silverlight.html

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The Perst database from McObject is an option. It is dual license -- if you use it in an open source application, there is no licensing charge.

The source code is available for free download from McObject's Web site.

McObject has posted a demo of Perst running in a Silverlight application on its Web site; you can download the demo source code, too. The demo page is at


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Are you considering an OODB? It can simplify your persistence.

I recommend you to try db4o (which supports Silverlight 3) and report any issue you may find.



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If you just want to load and save a complete object graph (and maintain references between objects) you could look at CSLA Light to binary serialize them.


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