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Me and my friend are setting up to create applications for both PC and Android devices, of course we'd like our name to get around a bit so we'd need a website... Now at the moment neither of us have a sturdy income of money either which is a problem for us just setting out, and I don't like debts so loans are not really a desirable option.

I'm seaching for a free hosting soluton, that doesn't have intrusive ads. It's okay if it has some ads, as long as they're not being thrown into users faces. Bandwidth isn't really important, as we aren't expecting very much visitors in the beginning.

I'd also like forum abilities and some form of e-blog solutions, not really fussed what e-blogger we'd have, storage space, I'd say at least 200MB as we'd need to store a few graphics to be used on the site and host a small amount of applications for download. The space is compromisable for now i.e if the other options are good from a provider I won't mind dropping some storage space. I don't believe I'll be needing any database or SQL solutions, but of course it's bonus. An email server would also be desired, but as we can just stick with a third party email service for now, this is also not required.

If there may be an option/specific I've left out, please do let me know.

Thanks for your help :)

EDIT: I think my overall action would be to obtain several different providers, mainly consisting of the suggested, and create a quick spreadsheet so I can compare the differences to find a desired option. And also a few scenarios too.

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GitHub pages ( will allow you to host static content or a blog powered by Jekyll for free.

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Thanks for your reply, I never used Wordpress before though I have heard of it, Would I be able to integrate or just live feed it onto another website, such as my own? And thanks for bringing a great site like Github up, I know much about Github, but for some reason I hadn't though about it :D –  cm125192 Mar 19 '14 at 5:23
@cm125192 Wordpress is very popular and free themes for it are everywhere. It's also easy to manage. I would definitely recommend it to you if you are new to websites / web development. –  camdixon Mar 19 '14 at 5:27
Thanks, Wordpress will certainly be considered, and probably the chosen choice. –  cm125192 Mar 19 '14 at 5:46

The 3 below are paid options, but if you spend the little bit of cash on them it is well worth it, and you can lock in some sweet deals if you watch the ads.

I prefer You can sign up for hosting multiple domains, storage space, databases all in one package. I believe I payed 75.00 for a year which I didn't think was bad. They have easy to use install scripts to help you use the platform of your choice. From here you can go with Wordpress / Drupal / Joomla or whichever of the thousands there are to use. Those 3 are pretty popular. You can also just make a HTML / Css website but I would advise against it as I see no need to spend more time on it than using one of the CMS options listed above.

Now you can also go with Godaddy as they do have sweet deals if you patiently wait for one. I have had friends + clients use them many times and have gotten awesome hosting packages for a year. I have had major problems with their support though, and have had no problems with BlueHost. A site I was working on took on average 12-16 seconds to load for a 1 month time period. I called GoDaddy multiple times, and on 2 occasions it happened right there even for the support staff. They admitted it was their problem on the grid server, said they would escalate the ticket, and I never heard anything back either time I called.

I have used HostGator a couple of times as well. They are not bad, but I wasn't truly impressed with them.

Also, if you are new to this, unless you have a need for .net capabilities I would go with a Linux server over a Windows server. Not a huge difference, but I think it matters.

Free Options I Recommend: - has a great and easy to use website builder if you need one. They offer some free stuff but they prompt you to upgrade lots. Depends if you mind it or not. - Cpanel (which is nice for building and managing a site) and a free subdomain.

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Thanks for your info, I have previously used Wix but that was some time ago so I may snoop around there a bit. I may put GoDaddy off then and take a look a bluehost to see their offerings. Cheers –  cm125192 Mar 19 '14 at 5:50

I'd try to steer clear of most of the free options as you'll find them limiting sooner or later. I used 000webhost for several years and slightly regret that decision.

For a small amount (>$5/month) you can get relatively good hosting with a company like Bluehost. Alternatively, if you have multiple sites you might be better off getting a VPS server with a company like MediaTemple or Rackspace, which will allow you to host as many sites as you want for ~$30/month.

There's some useful information here that might come in handy:

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I've had bluehost for 7 and had many issues and a lot of them were never resolved. Bluehost and HostGator are the same company. They have been for quite some time.

I prefer VeeroTech. Their support is great:

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The site provides many offers like 1000 MB space, 100 GB bandwidth, no ads, auto backup, etc.,

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