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Is there a way to make breeze api on server treat empty strings as null? This is default behaviour for binding models in ASP. Now it's broken with the usage of BreezeController and EFContextProvider.


I'm using breezejs with knokout. The error ocurred with email field: this field is not required, but empty string is validated by .NET EmailAddressAttribute.

The situation: user changes settings that has this email field. If field is not changed it remains null, but when it has been changed and cleared then on saving server throws validation error for this field.

ApiController would have binded entity and cleared empty strings for me, but BreezeController does not do this. Now I have to manually clear empty strings in EFContextProvider.BeforeSaveEntity.

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A little more information would be useful. –  Jay Traband Mar 19 at 16:50
@JayTraband, I've updated question. –  blazkovicz Mar 21 at 3:15

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