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I am trying to store a JSON object in Google Datastore which is greater than 500 characters. According to the documentation :

stringValue: string

Up to 500 Unicode characters if property is indexed, up to 1MB otherwise

So when I try to add slighlly longer than 500 characters unindexed string I get the following exception:

The string property details has a value that is too long. It cannot exceed 500 characters

When I try to do the same from Google's console, I get an error (see screenshot), if I shorten the string to make it less than 500 characters, it works fineenter image description here

Does anybody know what the proper/recommended way for adding longer than 500 chars strings is?

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It looks like this is a bug with the cloud console where it is using the wrong type (StringProperty versus Text). However, the code you write should be able to store unindexed properties. Can you provide a code snippet here? –  Patrick Costello Mar 19 '14 at 16:38

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This looks like it is a bug in App Engine Cloud Console. I have the same issue with the console, and I store a lot of strings that are 500+ characters from code.

I would take the following approach:

  • Add the string by code.
  • Send feedback on the problem to the App Engine Team.
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