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I am working on mvc4 web application. I want to cache some database queries results and views on server side. I used-


but it caches the data on client side. Please help.

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I'm using MemoryCache to store query results, and it's working fine so far.
Here are a few links that I've used to implement it.
- Using MemoryCache in .NET 4.0 (codeproject)
- Using MemoryCache in .NET 4.0 (blog entry)

As I read them now, I find them not that clear, so maybe there is a better link that I've lost somewhere.
Here is a sample of my code which I hope is clear enough so that you see how it works

public static class AgencyCacheManager
    private static MemoryCache _cache = MemoryCache.Default;

    public static List<RefAgency> ListAgency
            if (!_cache.Contains("ListAgency"))
            return _cache.Get("ListAgency") as List<Agency>;

    public static void RefreshListAgency()
        var listAgency = GetAllComplete();

        CacheItemPolicy cacheItemPolicy = new CacheItemPolicy();
        cacheItemPolicy.AbsoluteExpiration = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);

        _cache.Add("ListAgency", listAgency, cacheItemPolicy);

And to retrieve the list from cache

public Agency FindBy(string agencyId)
    return AgencyCacheManager.ListAgency.SingleOrDefault(x => x.AgencyPartnerCode == agencyId);
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Please see the below:

Caching Controller actions

Stackoverflow thread

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for view caching I did the same as described in first link. and for caching queries result I used HttpContext.Current.Cache.Insert() method as described in second link but it caches data on user's browser. I want to cache data on server side. –  vivek Mar 19 at 7:55

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