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I have a custom event handler, or I suppose some call it a custom jquery function.

My problem is I'm trying to apply the live() method to it. But I'm not too successful.

Here's a simple custom jquery function:

$.fn.myFunction = function() { 
    return $(this).addClass('changed'); 

And here I use it:


Ok, simple enough. But how do I apply the live() method to it??

I actually have no idea if that's even possible. But I do use live() for other things, like:

$(".changePlease").live("click",function(){ alert("hello"); });

Any thoughts on this?

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up vote 2 down vote accepted works only for inbuilt events, and have not been adapted for custom events yet. You might need to find a workaround.

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Does this work?

$.fn.myFunction = function() { 
  return $(this).live('click', function(){

Not sure what the use case here is. Sounds like you want to load new elements (via ajax or maybe by creating them with another event?), and once they get click events, to get the 'changed' class added to them.

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