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Hi I'm developing one web application project using java for education industry.In this Admin have all rights to access the google services of other users like A,B,C..... for this is use OAuth.Then i tried Admin want to share user A's calendar to user B using OAuth.But i got stuck in this step. Is it possible Plz Help me

Thanks Regards Sharun

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I believe you want to use Access Control Lists (ACLs), see the docs. The Java example code at this URL for the task you mention is pretty simple:

AclEntry entry = new AclEntry();
entry.setScope(new AclScope(AclScope.Type.USER, "jdoe@gmail.com"));

URL aclUrl =
  new URL("http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/jo@gmail.com/acl/full");

AclEntry insertedEntry = service.insert(aclUrl, entry);

and what it does is, and I quote:

This code allows jdoe@gmail.com to have read-only access to jo@gmail.com's calendar.

There's more where this came from (e.g., upgrading a user's role in an ACL above the read-only access granted in this example), and I think it's a good idea to read the whole page.

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