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I'm using a datagrid to get a view on my app.

I need to be able to select and show the a row depending on the input of a textbox(txtpallet).

The datagrid has a scroll bar. I'm able to highlight the row I want but the user still need to scroll down to it.

I want the datagrid to automatically scroll down to the row i selected.

I'm not sure how to do this. I have struggled too long now and would like some help please.

I've made a small test app. please see code below.

I'm using c# .net 2.0 compact framework in Device application (Windows CE)

private void populateGrid()
            string sub = "my connection string";

            OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(sub);
            string query;
            query = "Select emp_id_no,emp_username from dc_emp order by emp_id_no";

                using (OracleDataAdapter a = new OracleDataAdapter(query, conn))
                    DataTable t = new DataTable();

                    DataGridTableStyle tableStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
                    tableStyle.MappingName = t.TableName;

                    foreach (DataColumn item in t.Columns)
                        DataGridTextBoxColumn tbcName = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();
                        tbcName.Width = 80;
                        tbcName.MappingName = item.ColumnName;
                        tbcName.HeaderText = item.ColumnName;

                    dgSku.DataSource = t;

                    DataRow[] datarow = t.Select("emp_username like '" + txtpallet.Text + "' ");

                    foreach (DataRow dr in datarow)
                        MessageBox.Show("Index is " + dr.Table.Rows.IndexOf(dr));
        catch (OracleException x)
            MessageBox.Show("" + x);

Here is two examples: A) selecting something at the top of the list B) selecting something at the bottom somewhere


enter image description here


enter image description here

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Try DataGridView.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex.

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Thanks for the fast response. That's for a datagridview. I'm using a datagrid. – Werner van den Heever Mar 19 '14 at 8:09
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I got it. You need to get the Row index, which i do in the code at the top. Then simply use:

dgSku.CurrentRowIndex = dr.Table.Rows.IndexOf(dr);

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