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I'm trying to create db create script on the VPS server (on Windows). But, the following command

mysql> mysqldump -u myuser -pmypass --complete-insert mydb_name > c:\file.sql;

gives me the error:

Unknown command '\f'.
ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 
'mysqldump -u myuser -pmypass --complete-insert mydb_name >c:\file.sql' at line 1

The windows account is guest. Is it a must for that account to be administrator ? How to fix that error ?


when I try to execute that command from the Windows shell, I get the access denied error

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access denied is not mysql database error but file access error on the OS. Check with your system admin. –  Ravinder Reddy Mar 19 '14 at 8:29

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You should launch the mysqldump command from the OS command prompt, while you're attempting to run it as if it were a mysql command.

Plus, the access denied error is most likely due to you being on Windows 7 (or newer) and being a standard user, which (for a good reason) has no permission to create files in C:\.

You should try that same command from your home dir (e.g. C:\Users\<username>)

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\ is treated as an escape character.

Use / instead.





And you need to run mysqldump at shell prompt.

As per documentation at mysqldump — A Database Backup Program:

mysqldump requires at least the SELECT privilege for dumped tables, SHOW VIEW for dumped views, TRIGGER for dumped triggers, and LOCK TABLES if the --single-transaction option is not used. Certain options might require other privileges as noted in the option descriptions.

To reload a dump file, you must have the same privileges needed to create each of the dumped objects by issuing CREATE statements manually.

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not, it's still the same error –  Tony Mar 19 '14 at 8:20

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