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I have a HTML form that posts to a route called add_product, which in turn redirects to view_product:

<form action="/add_product" method="post">

@view_config(route_name='add_product', permission='create')
def add_product(request):
    print "TESTING" # <--------------------- nothing gets printed in the console!
    name = request.params['product_name']
    if not Product.get_by_name(name):
        Product.add_product(name, content='')
    return HTTPFound(location=request.route_url('view_product', pagename=name))

@view_config(route_name='view_product', renderer='templates/product.jinja2', permission='view')
def view_product(request):
    pagename = request.matchdict['pagename']
    product = DBSession.query(Product).filter_by(name=pagename).first()
    if product is None:
        return HTTPNotFound('No such page')
    return dict(product=product)

When I try to submit the form, I get the error saying that the webpage has a redirect loop. I tried debugging by putting in a print statement, but nothing gets printed to the console.

I also checked the Network Panel using Chrome Dev Tools -- here I see a single POST request by /add_product, followed by a ton of GET requests, again by /add_product, before the redirect loop error comes up.

I'm completely at a loss as to what's wrong. Does anyone have a clue?

Edit: my route configuration.

config.add_static_view('static', 'static', cache_max_age=3600)
config.add_route('index', '/')
config.add_route('register', '/register')
config.add_route('login', '/login')
config.add_route('logout', '/logout')
config.add_route('view_cosmeceutical', '/cosmeceuticals/{pagename}')
config.add_route('add_cosmeceutical', '/add_cosmeceutical')
config.add_route('update_cosmeceutical', '/update_cosmeceutical/{pagename}')
config.add_route('view_product', '/products/{pagename}')
config.add_route('add_product', '/add_product')
config.add_route('update_product', '/update_product/{pagename}')
config.add_route('add_reference', '/add_reference')
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Can you also show the route configuration? –  RedBaron Mar 19 at 8:42
Sure, I've just added it to my post. –  bard Mar 19 at 8:45
Everything looks fine ... Under which route is the form hosted? –  RedBaron Mar 19 at 8:51
I'm not sure if its hosted under any route, the form is in my base HTML template where all the other templates extend from. –  bard Mar 19 at 8:54
You mean Jinja2 templates right? You must be putting in a URL to access the form? –  RedBaron Mar 19 at 8:55

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