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I'm using ggplot2 to just count and summarize the number of occurrences of each mode in my data frame. testdata$V5 is a factor with 4 different modes. Every line in testdata has an entry for mode and I want to count them.

p <- ggplot(testdata,aes(V5))
p = p + geom_histogram()

This code produces the following plot:

produced plot

I am now trying to show text labels on top of each bar plot that show the count but I can't quite understand how to achieve that using stat_summary. How can I produce a text label at the top of each x value bar showing the count?

I tried

p <- ggplot(testdata,aes(V5))
p = p + geom_histogram()
p = p + stat_summary(fun.data=count, geom="text", size=20, color="red") #<-- no effect

but it doesn't draw anything.

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geom_histogram uses stat_bin and not stat_summary. –  Roland Mar 19 at 8:58

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You can use a "hidden" variable ..count.. in conjunction with geom_text:

p + 
  geom_histogram() + 
  stat_bin(aes(label=..count..), geom="text", position="identity", size=20, color="red")

geom_text also has hjust and vjust parameters that may be helpful.

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