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In the Neo4J code examples ( following output function is used to print out graphs:

for ( Path position : db.traversalDescription()
        .relationships( Rels.KNOWS )
        .relationships( Rels.LIKES, Direction.INCOMING )
        .evaluator( Evaluators.toDepth( 5 ) )
        .traverse( node ) )
    output += position + "\n";

The output function displays node and relationship IDs incl. relationship names:


How can I display certain node and relationship attributes (in this example names and relationship types only)? I would like to have following output:

Joe – [likes] – Lisa
Joe – [likes] – Lisa – [knows] Lars

Thanks in advance

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You have to write your own formatter, that is configured with the properties you want to show:

toString(Node n, String prop) { return "("+node.getProperty(prop)+")"; }
toString(Relationship r) { return "-["+r.getType().name()+"]->"; }

and the iterate over the path, choosing one or another

public String render(Path path, String prop) {
   StringBuilder result=new StringBuilder();
   for (PropertyContainer pc : path) {
      if (pc instanceof Node) sb.append(toString((Node)pc,prop));
      else sb.append(toString((Relationship)pc));
   return sb.toString();
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Thank you for your quick help. The formatter works fine. – user3245029 Mar 20 '14 at 9:54

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