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I have some servlets running in Jetty, deployed on Heroku, handling POST requests.

Some, but not all, POST requests MUST come over https. Whether or not a request should be forced to be on https depends on the http body of the POST request.

I need to figure out, from inside the servlet, whether the incoming request used https (SSL) or not, so that I can send the appropriate response. However, nothing I have tried seems to work.

I tried the obvious HttpServletRequest.getProtocol() but that apparently returns the same constant whether the protocol was http or https.

I tried HttpServletRequest.isSecure() however that is returning false even though my test request was sent to a url starting with https://

When I call HttpUtils.getRequestURL( HttpServletRequest ).toString(); I get an apparrently reconstructed url that starts with "http://" even though my test request was sent to a url starting with "https://"

According to the post "Enforce HTTPS with Embedded Jetty on Heroku" heroku has some load balancers, and I should get the value of the "x-forwarded-proto" header. That header is blank.

FYI I am using the default SSL endpoint provided by the heroku api -- I am not using their SSL Endpoint extension, because this url is not being loaded in a browser (so I don't need a custom domain in the url).

Can anyone tell me how to tell if HTTPS was used in the incoming request?

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