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I'm trying to send a message from a script on a site, using SMTP. I can successfully read the mail on my personal email, although my work email does not receive it. I think it might be bouncing.

In the Google admin panel, I have added as an alias for

        $mail = new PHPMailer();

        $mail->IsSMTP();                                            // set mailer to use SMTP
        $mail->SMTPDebug = 2;

        $mail->From =   "";
        $mail->FromName = "No-Reply @ Domain";

        $to = ',';

        $mail->AddReplyTo($mail->From, $mail->FromName);

        $mail->WordWrap = 80;                   // set word wrap to 50 characters
        $mail->IsHTML(false);                   // set email format to HTML

        $mail->Subject = $subject[PAGE];
        $mail->Body    = $body;

        if ( $mail->Send() )
            header('location: '.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].'?sent1');
            $errors[] = 'Sorry, your message could not be sent, '.$mail->ErrorInfo;

I have created an MX record for as well as an SMTP relay service in Google Admin, as well as allowing per-user outbound gateways (Allow users to send mail through an external SMTP server when configuring a "from" address hosted outside your email domains).

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When we set up PHP mailer we need to add the credentials of SMTP mail Server in it.In you code example you skipped those lines and it is ncessary to send an email

mail->Host     = "";                      // Your SMTP   server
$mail->SMTPAuth = true;                                    // turn on SMTP authentication
$mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls'; //SMTP secure type like ssl/tls
$mail->Username = "";                  // SMTP username
$mail->Password = "password";                            // SMTP password
$mail->From     = "";              // SMTP username

Please try with proper credentials on the top after initialisation of object $mail

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