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I am using android studio(I/O) and my gradle version is 1.6 and android gradle plugin is .4

I am trying to add facebook login to my android project ...i followed all the methods specified in facebook tutorial and created a basic app which has a login to facebook.

But i am getting an error execution failed for task ':libraries:facebook:compiledebug'(i have added the things which fb documentation asked to add in setting .gradle and build . gradle(both)

I cannot execute build using gradle distribution and a link for gradle 1.6 and I cannot change my android studio version and android gradle plugin version because of some reasons.

How can i do this ?

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You need to overcome whatever reasons you have for not upgrading. Version 0.4 of the plugin is ancient. Aside from that, there's not enough information here to diagnose your problem. What are the exact errors you're seeing? –  Scott Barta Mar 19 at 16:28

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