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I want to resolve DNS SRV records using the iOS SDK.

I've already tried the high-level Bonjour APIs Apple is providing, but they're not what I need. Now I'm using DNS SD.

void *processQueryForSRVRecord(void *record) {
    DNSServiceRef sdRef;
    int context;
    printf("Setting up query for record: %s\n", record);
    DNSServiceQueryRecord(&sdRef, 0, 0, record, kDNSServiceType_SRV, kDNSServiceClass_IN, callback, &context);

    printf("Processing query for record: %s\n", record);

    printf("Deallocating query for record: %s\n", record);

    return NULL;

This works as long as it gets only correct SRV records (for example: _xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com), but when the record is typed wrong, DNSServiceProcessResult(sdRef) goes into an infinite loop.

Is there a way to stop DNSServiceProcessResult or must I cancel the thread calling it?

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