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i have a custom method on my model and i want to use it in a where condition, i already accomplish this for sorting with custom methods, but can't find a way for search with custom conditions.

Now i have this, in my model

attr_accessible :end, :start
def time_left
  self.end.to_i - -
def time_left_to_start
  self.start.to_i - -
def status
  if self.time_left_to_start > 0 
    1 #proximamente
  elsif self.time_left_to_start < 0 and self.time_left > 0
    2 #funcionando
    3 #finalizado

and for my controller

def index
  @next_events = Event.all.sort_by(&:time_left).reverse!.reject { |e| e.status != 1 }.take(5)

i know i can write the entire condition on the where method, but my idea is don't repeat my self and avoid to loop for all the events to remove each one where the status isn't 1, i just need the last 5 each time and looks to me really bad idea ask to the db for all the records each time. Thanks in advance, regards!

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It's impossible to do such thing. I guess you need to write a piece of SQL code. – Marek Lipka Mar 19 '14 at 12:36
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After refactoring my code i came across with this

  def time_left
    (self.end -
  def time_left_to_start
    (self.start -

  def status
    if self.start  < and self.end >
      1 #En curso
    elsif self.start  >
      2 #Proximamente
      3 #Finalizado

  def self.status(status)
    if status == 1 #eventos en curso
      where("(events.start < ?) AND (events.end > ?)",,
    elsif status == 2 #proximos eventos
      where("events.start > ?",
    elsif status == 3 #eventos finalizados
      where("events.end < ?",
    elsif status == 4 #eventos proximos y en curso
      where("events.end > ?",

and making queries like this

  @next_events = Event.status(2).order('events.start DESC').reject { |e| e.time_left_to_start > 12.hour }.take(18)

Thanks for your time, regards!

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