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I used to start all my comments from column 60.

Is there a trick in Emacs with which for the current line, anything after (and including) // is pushed to column 60?


cmp A, B // comparing against a reference


cmp A, B <-- extra spaces added until column 60 ---> // comparing against a reference
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Set comment-column to 60, and hit M-;.

Note that M-; runs comment-dwim which tries to do what you mean. Notably, if the region is active, it will comment out the entire region. If this gets in your way, the command that does what you ask for above is comment-indent, which you could bind to a suitable key.

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Is there a limitation about the number of characters in the comment ? I noticed that the M-; doesn't work for long sentences. – clun Mar 19 '14 at 13:24
I found the solution : Fill column set to 120 (was 70) – clun Mar 19 '14 at 13:33

Set the comment-column as said by legoscia, select a region and call M-x align-regexp RET // RET. That will align your comments on the same column.

For the doc: C-h f align-regexp.

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